What is important to Park End Farming?

Our generation has become more conscious of the environmental impact of intensive farming. Because sustainability is an issue close to our hearts, we have done our best to set an example and make Park End Farm sustainable for the future.

Agriculture in the United Kingdom uses 69% of the country’s land area, if you ‘the consumer’ support the likes of our farming techniques not only do you get to eat great quality foods, but you also help preserve the countryside to be a place that we all can enjoy for many generations to come. 

Park End Farmland
Park End Farming Family

Our Family

Our farm is part of our family’s heritage and we work as a team to help protect it’s future and the future of farming for the next generation.  

Our Wild Flower Meadows and Bee Hives

We have planted acres of wild flower mixes which encourage an enormous and diverse range of insect species. We also have sited six beehives around the farm to help with natural pollination.

Alongside the flower meadows we have set acres of Wild Bird Food Mix which feed our farm birds in the long winter months. We have seen an uplift of the bird numbers and species.

We have taken low input measures on our permanent pastures which helps lower our carbon footprint by using less fertiliser and a low stocking density with the livestock. We have also been planting new hedgerows and tree saplings to absorb more CO2 and give the wildlife more cover.

We are putting grass leys into our arable rotation to help with weed control, which means removing sprays in order to control black grass and using the livestock to help keep unwanted weeds under control. These leys use red and white clover, which is a natural fertiliser that puts nitrogen back into the ground.

The grass has considerable value in contributing to air quality. Through the process of photosynthesis, the plants take in CO2 and water, using sunlight to produce energy and release oxygen- which helps to clean the air that we breathe.

Beekeeping at Park End Farm

Our Meat

Our meat is all produced with animal welfare at the forefront of our minds. The lambs and cattle enjoy freedom in lush grass paddocks and we provide protection from the elements during winter, in bespoke housing with deep straw beds. 

This lifestyle not only provides the animals with a great quality of life, it also means we can produce high quality, ethical and sustainable meats which taste incredible. 

Farm Shop Opening Times:

Thursday – Saturday 9.30 – 17.00

Sunday 10.00 – 14.00

(Closed Monday – Wednesday)

Our shop

Our farm shop is based on our family’s vision, to produce the highest quality food at realistic price.

Being a regenerative farm, nature is at our core value, so here we use the most sustainable farming practises to raise our stock. By keeping everything in house we can control exactly what goes into our products, all the feed for our animals is produced and grown here by us on this farm.

We have our in-house Master Butcher; Joe who will cut any special orders for you.

We also stock a large range or local products, fruit and veg, bread, milk cakes and much more from companies that share our vision. You can literally find everything you need for your weekly shopping here while taking in the rural setting and the peace and tranquillity of the farm, this you cannot do in town!

It’s very important we all do our bit to save our environment so if you support local produce from regenerative sources, you can be rest assured you’re eating the most environmentally friendly food you can.