Our Award winning lamb, tastes just perfect. Bred through years of hard work to create succulent, tasty meat from a muscular carcass that finishes off grass, our master butcher can cut you the perfect leg of lamb.

Our flock of 300 Texel/Beltex cross ewes bred with a pedigree Texel ram creates the perfect lamb. Born in our bespoke lambing sheds with 24 hour observation and our maternity ward, these lambs are given the best start possible. 

They are then turned out with their mothers on our pastures in the Spring to rotationally graze round through the year. This means they will always have growing grass to feed on and that nature can flourish alongside them. 

In the Winter months they are fed on cover crops which are planted on our stubble fields in the arable rotation as part of our regenerative farming approach. Our lambs are stress free from the moment they are born, just as they should be.

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