Park End Farming

The heart of sustainable farming and ethical food production 

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to Park End Farming Ltd. Based off the A428 between Crick and West Haddon, we’re a family-run farm that has been farming locally for over 100 years, passing down our skills and passion, through each generation.

We decided to create a new venture within the farm. The ethos behind our vision was to produce top quality, sustainable, ethically reared produce supplied direct to the customer at supermarket prices, affordable for all. Within this vision it was our aim to set new standards of sustainable farming and to educate the next generation.


Since the Second World War the government has pushed agriculture to over produce by intensive farming, this intensive farming has destroyed the natural balance between wildlife and farming, we are a new wave of farmers that encourage and value the benefits of insects, birds and mammals on our farm. We are returning our farm back to basics.

Shop Sustainably

Our animals are raised on our farm and live happy, comfortable lives in a natural environment.

We have taken low input measures on our permanent pastures which helps lower our carbon footprint by using less fertiliser and a low stocking density with the livestock. We have also been planting new hedgerows and tree saplings to absorb more CO2 and give the wildlife more cover.

Shop online or visit our Farm Shop in Northamptonshire.